Mission Statement: “Rebel Artists Blog is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the vibrant creativity of non-traditional artists in the Greater Delaware Valley. Through thought-provoking articles, event coverage, and a virtual gallery, we spotlight the weird, creepy, fantastical, and subversive art that defines our local culture, inviting audiences to explore the unconventional and embrace the extraordinary”

This blog was started with the intention of increasing awareness of the alternative and sub-culture art scene of the Greater Delaware Valley area. Artists who don’t fit the usual mold, the niche, the sub-cultured, alternative, strange, eccentric, and wonderfully weird. Here we showcase talents that can go under the radar of most news outlets. There are many armatures and up-and-comers looking to make a mark, but also just as many professionals that toil in the corners of our community with crazed enthusiasm. We will help each other to shine a light on those who wish to temporarily leave obscurity and showcase what they can do for your public enjoyment.

Nova Nightingale

Editor and Chief, Nova Nightingale, started this project in January of 2024. An artist himself, he has been a promoter of the arts for several years operating out of Bar XIII, Pop-Up events, and local galleries. Recognizing that there were not enough media outlets coving sub-culture arts, Nighingale wants this website to be an extension of those efforts. “Whether it is visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, crafts, or puppets we cover it all.”

If you are interested in participating with the blog please feel free to reach out to Nightingale with your story. Whether as an artist or a sponsor.