Artist Bio – Nick Hall

nick hall artist metal scrap sculpture
Nick Hall – Artist

Weekend welder and upcycle artist based in Aston – Delaware County.

I started off creating upcycled artwork around 2018 – mainly using wood, metal and plastic and then bolting or screwing the materials together. I then started welding in 2020 and have enjoyed it as a hobby ever since. I like taking scrap metal and turning it into something more interesting. Most sculptures are based on animals and people. I would say my earliest inspiration comes from the character ‘Sid’ in the Toy Story movie. I found his “re-imagined” toys odd but very creative.

When I’m not in my garage you can usually find me taking my kids to all their activities or watching the Philadelphia sports teams. I enjoy a good yard sale or estate sale as long as they’ve got stuff that’s rusty, metal or sharp.

*fun fact I’ve had a box turtle pet for almost 30 years which is the reason for a lot of my artwork having a turtle or reptile theme

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