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Open Call for 2024 Juried Exhibition – Vox Populi Gallery

From website:

“Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke formulated three adages that are known as Clarke’s three laws, of which the third is best known and most widely cited: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Vox Populi calls for artwork that uses or misuses technology, explores arcane realms, or conjures the fantastic. Show us work that taps into the murky depths of the esoteric, pushes the aesthetic boundaries of tech, or evokes an uncanny blend of both. Cognitive scientist Douglas R. Hofstadter wrote “an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order – and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order.” Where does your art reside on the circuitous spectrum between speculative science, ancient occult, chaos, and order? Indicate quadrant 1A-7G or use emojis.”

Artists may submit up to 3 creative works in any medium or by any Medium. No Steampunk!

Application Deadline: Friday, April 14th
Notification: May 23rd
Artists confirm participation & return loan agreement: May 31st
Announce Artists: June 12th
Artwork Drop-off: June 17th – 19th
Installation: June 20th- 27th
Exhibition: July 1st – 28th
Opening Reception: July 12th
Artwork Pick-Up/Return: July 30th- August 4th”


Application Fee: $25.00
Final day: $35.00
*If the application fee is a barrier for you please reach out to prior to April 13th, 2024

About the Jurors:

Natalie Hijinx, she/her, is a Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary artist, futurist, fabricator, educator, and member of Vox Populi. Hijinx’s practice is a flavor swirl of ominous positivity and dystopian comedy, broadly based on speculative futures and worst-case scenario alternate universes. Her favorite tools are her grandmother’s carpentry hammer and the Demo Hawg TM, a three-foot-long demolition crowbar.Hijinx is currently one of eight artists working on Futures Without Guns, a multimedia speculative art exhibition investigating gun violence as a health equity issue, sponsored by the University City Science Center and supported by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

Evan / Eve Greensweig (They/Them) is a self taught abstract painter, and designer from the Philadelphia area working primarily with oil and wax on wood or canvas. Their practice revolves around the esoteric mire that is abstraction and Philosophy. Evan’s work encompasses motion and textural depth to convey a momentary glimpse of beauty within the tragedy and magnificence of forest fire, nurturing ash within blanketing smoke, yawning fissures from which smoke bellows, mysticism, strange encounters, and solemnity. They are currently a member at Vox Populi In Philadelphia and collect porcelain and ceramic dog figurines.

Vox takes no commissions for sales of artwork. Inquiries will be directed to contact the artist.

Works will be insured in line with Vox Populi’s policy and conditions while at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. Additional insurance, including during transit, is the responsibility of the artist. We urge you to consider the high-traffic, DIY nature of Vox’s exhibition environment when submitting your works. Unframed artworks will not be insured.

Artists are responsible for shipping artwork (or delivery and pick-up) to and from Vox Populi according to the calendar above.

All work MUST be received ready for installation with proper hanging devices ATTACHED and thorough instructions where necessary.

Vox Populi reserves the right to photograph accepted works for publicity and educational purposes. Vox Populi reserves the right to reject works that differ from submitted images. Vox Populi reserves the right to reject any work that does not align to our Values. Vox Populi is not responsible for works remaining at the gallery after the pick-up date.


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