Letter from Editor

Slow Start and Health Issues

Recently I had a heart attack, specifically, the main artery leading into my heart was blocked and I came close to death.  It’s put things in perspective for me and it’s also the reason I haven’t been pushing hard on content for this website.  In my recovery, I have been in contact with many artists who have wished me a speedy return and I appreciate all of you.  That being said, I promise to get back on the ball soon and start posting up unique content and featuring local artists.

A few nights ago I had a moment of clarity, sitting bolt upright in my bead with a vision.  What I wanted to do with the rest of my life, was so crystal and made so much sense that I could not return to sleep for the remainder of the evening.  I want to open my own Gallery.  A gallery dedicated to non-traditional arts, a creative space, a place where all the oddballs and rebels of the art community could be represented.  We would have openings, galas, classes, events, workshops, and make a space that everyone would enjoy visiting and spending time in.  I firmly believe that there is a demand, across all generations and socioeconomic strata that desires alternatively themed art.  Not everyone wants birds, barns, bridges, and winter landscapes hanging on their walls.  My time spent managing the gallery wall at Bar XIII has shown me that there is definitely a market for ghosts, goblins, and dark forests full of ancient magic.  So I’m pulling back from some of my activities at Bar XIII and refocusing my efforts on learning how to open an Art Gallery and how to run it.  I’ll continue to use this blog as a platform for my efforts and keep in touch with people who have an interest in helping me fulfill this dream.

Talk to you soon. ~Nova Nightingale

Hi, I’m Nova Nightingale

Writer and Artist from the Delaware Valley Region of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey. Champion of sub-culture and alternative arts, working to support and promote those artists who don't fit the usual norms.