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NEW! Virtual Gallery on RebelArtists.blog

This blog now has its own Virtual Gallery featuring four artists April 2024!  Many of you know that I’ve started my journey to opening my own physical art gallery, in the future.  One of the steps along that path is to grow the local market for non-traditional subject matter.  I’ve met many awesome and super creative artists, over the past five years, and I’d like to shine a spotlight on a few of them.  All artists are local to the Greater Philly / Delaware Valley area and have unique styles that fit the sort of ‘feel’ I’m looking for.  Check back here frequently because I’m going to be constantly updating the Gallery and adding artist profiles to this website.  I would appreciate it if you would like and follow each of the artists’s social media and make sure to follow RebelArtists on FB and Instagram.


Artists featured this month are:

Kelly Kappauf
A one-woman show creating beautiful works of art from ethically sourced animal bones, dried florals, vintage frames, and other display forms. I also create resin jars with dried florals, moss, and fungi. I love making something beautiful and honoring the deceased.

Ray Reinsfelder
A multidisciplinary creative working in the Brandywine valley of northern Delaware. Ray has constructed a style that diverges from traditional portraiture to bring mask-like faces that sit in surreal and uncomfortable places.

Violet Devine
Has been doing art for a majority of her life. She has a hard time describing her mediums and her styles, as her life is art and without art she would not be alive. For this reason she is recklessly untrained, as she has been scared art school would bring a pressure to the one thing the keeps her here.

Nova Nightingale
Primarily a digital illustrator, Alex Seigfried has spent time dipping his toes into all kinds of art over the years. Traditional media such as acrylics, charcoal, pen, and ink for visual media. Leatherwork, metals, and mixed media for crafts and sculptural pieces. However, his current focus is on one-off illustrations that tell their own stories.

If YOU want to be part of the gallery in May, June, or July contact Nova Nightingale at 215-825-6992 or novalnightingale.mm@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Nova Nightingale

Writer and Artist from the Delaware Valley Region of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey. Champion of sub-culture and alternative arts, working to support and promote those artists who don't fit the usual norms.